Delta T Thermal Solutions

For over 80 years, PLATECOIL®, MAXCHANGER®, AND ECONOCOIL® are proven heat transfer product lines that have saved thousands of engineering, fabrication, and installation hours in numerous industrial applications. 

A Sharp Iron Group Company

Delta T Products Include:

  • PLATECOIL heat exchangers with panels formed to a wide-range of configurations to meet the needs of your project while enabling high heat transfer efficiency with it’s unique construction.
  • MAXCHANGER’s all-welded plate heat exchanger offers high performance, in less space, at a lower cost. Single and multi-pass designs can fit virtually any application requirement.
  • ECONOCOIL’s are highly efficient and versatile light-duty plate-type heat exchanger’s. Fabricated from two sheets of metal using a fully computerized welding machine that uses electric roll spot resistance welding.
  • Turnkey Solutions are provided from their quality certified manufacturing team in Texas for unique applications including but not limited to energy, water, mining, medical, aerospace, marine, semiconductor, and heat transfer industries.
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